At OCBC Cycle, your safety is of the utmost importance to us and we are committed to ensuring that you have the best cycling experience. Every factor is considered. From the optimal number of cyclists allowed on the roads to the staggered flag-off times for different groups of cyclists, and from the presence of route marshals to the printing of the emergency hotline on bibs, these safety measures are in place so you can cycle without worries in OCBC Cycle 2017.


To ensure that we start each ride promptly and open all the public roads on time, we ask that participants come an hour before the official start time of the ride. One of the key reasons for this extra hour is to allow for security checks to be conducted. While additional security checks could result in a longer wait time, the crew will work towards keeping it to no more than an hour.


Below are some of the safety measures in place:

  • Participation will be capped at 8,000 to reduce congestion
  • Taller and bigger cones will be used for better visibility on the route
  • Route marshals will be equipped with light sticks for better visibility
  • More paramedics and route marshals will be deployed
  • The event’s emergency hotline number will be printed on every participant’s bib, helmet stickers and bike tag for reference
  • Safety signs will be prominently displayed along the route
  • Additional security checks will be carried out

To prevent any security compromises or potential threats, we cannot divulge the full details of our security plan to the public. We are working with the relevant authorities to implement all the necessary safety and security measures.


For more tips on how you can ride safely on the roads, check out videos by “Move Happy SG” here, an initiative by the Land Transport Authority, and “Share The Road” here.