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OCBC Cycle

OCBC Cycle is Singapore’s largest mass cycling event since 2009. It aims to be a safe cycling platform for riders across all cycling proficiencies. Championing cycling as a year-round way of life and giving cyclists the opportunity to cycle on closed roads with scenic views. OCBC Cycle is sanctioned by the Singapore Cycling Federation and supported by Sport Singapore. The event attracts close to 7,000 cyclists every year since its change in format in 2015.

To ensure the safety of our participants and to aid in our nation’s effort to manage the pandemic, this year’s OCBC Cycle will be our second mass virtual ride (VR) following our inaugural virtual event last year.

The OCBC Cycle 2021 Virtual Ride will consist of five virtual ride categories: The Sportive Virtual Ride (42km), The Straits Times Virtual Ride (23km), Mighty Savers® Kids Virtual Ride (5km), The 100km Virtual Ride and The 200km Virtual Ride. Two NEW virtual rides, The 100km Virtual Ride and The 200km Virtual Ride, are introduced this year.