About The Virtual Ride - OCBC Cycle

About The Virtual Ride

Complete your virtual ride between 1 and 15 November, either outdoors or indoors. See ride categories.

Use a fitness tracker – e.g. Garmin Edge, Garmin Fenix or Garmin Instinct – or any suitable fitness tracking application on your smart device to record your ride details.

You do not need to complete the full distance in one ride. The full distance can be divided into a maximum of four separate rides between 1 – 15 November.

Log in to the user portal to submit the required information online anytime between 1 November 12:00pm and 15 November 11:59pm. When the cycling activity is verified, you will receive a free event medal and a free event tote bag by 7 December. Submission of your entries can only be done once.

Submitting Your Ride Details

Still figuring out how to record your ride details and how to submit them?

Fret not as we have prepared these instructions to help you along!

Submitting Your Ride Details

Submitting The Required Information

How to Submit Your Ride

How to Record Your Ride

2. Photo of the ride details clearly displaying the date of ride, distance cycled and ride duration

  • Participants can accumulate the required distance of the respective category in up to 4 rides, as long as the rides are completed within the event period

3. Photo of participant(s) with bicycle(s) AFTER the ride

  • Parents are encouraged to join in the photo with their kid(s) for the Mighty Savers® Kids Ride!

Note: Indoor cycling with stationary bicycles and bicycles on trainers are also allowed for all OCBC Cycle 2020 Virtual Ride categories. You need to ensure that the above submitted documents clearly show the details required. Please do NOT use or hold your smartphone or other device while cycling. Take selfies only when you are stationary.

Any mobile apps or devices that are capable of tracking the date, distance and duration of ride can be used.

You may refer to the list of suggested apps below:

  1. Garmin
  2. CycleMeter
  3. Endomondo
  4. MapMyRide
  5. Strava
  6. Native health apps in mobile devices

Event Entitlements

Upon submission of the required ride information:

  • You will receive your e-Certificates within 7 days. All e-Certificates will need to be downloaded by 7 December.
  • You will receive your free event medal and free event tote bag by 7 December.